Can You Forgive Yourself?

Is Shoulding a form of assessment or judgment? What should I be doing or what should I have done? These are questions we are asking ourselves all the time. It can become such a burden to feel guilty for all those things that just did not fit into your time slots or that you did not have the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual capacity to accomplish.

It is good to find a way to forgive yourself (or someone else) for letting you down. So many of our hurts and disappointments are created when we don’t act the way we think we should, do what we should do or even feel the way we should feel. (Note:  forgiveness frees you to move ahead)

Have you ever considered that if you just change the word should to the word choose, it then becomes a choice versus an obligation? Sounds different, feels different – is different.

Wearing a burden of guilt is exhausting and accomplishes nothing.

Wearing a crown of empowerment indicates you’ve got this; you are in control and making wise choices.

We believe in you.
Let us know if we can help you accomplish
less “Shoulding” in your life.

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