What Does Forward Momentum Mean To Me

Do you sometimes feel as though you are sleepwalking through your job, your tasks, your life?  What are we missing when we “zone out”?

“Going through the motions” is a phrase you probably know well.  But motions can cause motion sickness.  It is only an illusion of momentum.  Do you feel like you are just running in place?

Life is too short to waste our motions or lack purposeful forward movement. When all motion stops, our life should represent all that was possible.

Momentum is defined as “the quantity of motion of a given object” (Velocity times Mass)  Let’s say that it is a force that is unwilling to come to a stop.

In our business and our personal lives, we can have momentum:  stuff gets done, things happen, people are happy and extraordinary results can be produced.

Momentum creates motivation. Motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results.

Here are 5 ways to create more momentum for yourself:

  • Have a game plan and be committed to it
  • Set SMART and recurring goals
  • Suspend your disbeliefs – create the right mindset
  • Focus – keep your eyes on the plan
  • Reward yourself!

Momentum is built when you accumulate a series of successes, producing growth and enabling you to meet your goals.

You can do this!

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