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Terms & Policies

Attendance Policy: Due to the type of training we are conducting and the training exercises that are involved, we do require all students to arrive on time each day and be in attendance the entire time. Students arriving late and/or departing early, will not be permitted to return to the remainder of the training due to the content and training exercises missed.  

Certification Process: To qualify for certification, you must be in attendance for the entire Training.  

Future Trainings: Many of you have been contacting the office to inquire about our more advanced/major trainings. We will be speaking about a few of these trainings during the course of this Training. If there is a specific training you are interested in, please see the staff at the back table for more information.

BUYER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL: You have three (3) days from the date you enroll in the Trainings to cancel your agreement and have 100% of your deposit refunded. Thereafter, there is a non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% per training session. Once the training has started, if at any time prior to the conclusion of your training, you should become dissatisfied with the program, simply meet with an Another Level Academy representative to discuss your dissatisfaction and if we are unable to resolve the problem, we will refund your entire enrollment fee less the non-refundable cancellation fee. All materials received at the training must be returned to Another Level Academy to be eligible for the refund.  

TERMS OF ENROLLMENT: My enrollment for this training is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. If I am unable to attend the specific dates and location for the training for which I enrolled, I may attend the same training at a later date within a 1-year period from my original date of registration. However, I understand that I cannot transfer funds to any other Another Level Academy training, it must be for the same training course for which I originally enrolled. An Enrollment Transfer Fee of $100 applies to each time an enrollment is transferred and is limited to a maximum of two (2) transfers. If I am unable to attend the same training course within this 1-year period, I understand that I will not be refunded for my payment. This applies to all Seminars and Trainings offered by Another Level Academy.  

NO SHOW POLICY: Students who neither attends nor cancels their enrollment for a specific training are considered a “No Show” and are not entitled to any refund of their enrollment fee. Students are able to reinstate and transfer their enrollment to another location and time for a reinstatement fee of 50% of their original enrollment fee. Reinstatement must be processed within 6 months from the original date of enrollment.

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