EMF Cell Protection Decal


This specially designed EMF cell phone protection decal contains 100% pure Shungite combined with Selenite and is saturated in colloidal silver.
Shungite neutralizes the radiation emitted from cell phones .
Selenite is best known for enhancing mental clarity and focus.
Silver is the second best conductor to electricity next to gold.

The silverĀ amplifies the neutralized areas and enhances the active molecules and positive energy of the shungite and selenite that are working together to create a more positive and healthy environment.

It is imperative for your health that you stay protected from the radiation caused from a cell phone. Studies show that being on a cell phone for 30 minutes a day over a 10 year period gives you a 40% chance of getting a brain tumor such as a glioblastoma or neuroblastoma. The number cancer killer in children is now the glioblastoma brain tumor.

Simply peel of backing and place on your cell phone, either on your case or your phone. Either placement will neutralize the radiation.

*** It is not uncommon that when the Cell Protector is placed on your phone it may work more smoothly and efficiently and may not run as hot as it normally does.***

.Used on: cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, clock radios, hairdryers, lights

Always stay protected from radiation and WiFi . Keep you and your loved ones safe!

(All shungite is certified and imported from Karelia, Russia)

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