Our Reviews from Clients and Students

Speaking & Teaching Engagements:

“She was better than best! She dropped strong nuggets and “take-aways” – Courtney S.

“Dr. Heather is open, beyond qualified, and is called to impart her knowledge and teach.” – Toyanda W.

“Superb! Dr. Heather is an excellent teacher and speaker. She is one of the best speakers I’ve heard in years!” – Susan E.

“Dr. Heather knocks it out of the park! She’s gifted to teach!” – Laura S.

“Dr. Heather is a true professional and provides an exceptional view of empowering others.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Heather is AWESOME!” – Monica L.

“Total 10 – You can’t get what she gave online.” – Anonymous

“Expert Level obviously. Dr. Heather lives and breathes this stuff.” – Darlene T.

“Excellent! Dr. Heather offered great examples and stories she has collected through her experiences.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Heather’s level of expertise was 100%. She’s very knowledgeable.” – Karen S.

“Dr. Heather was awesome. She’s was so relatable and easy to learn from.” – Brandi K.

“Dr. Heather was so insightful and full of knowledge and experiences.” – Anonymous

“Very amazing experience and the training was incredibly awesome!” – Michael M.

Dr. Heather Tucker’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her information is enlightening. We had fun while we learned and created our Vision Boards, and now we each have our own Vision Board to remind us of our goals and help keep us on track! – Polly B.

Coaching and Consulting

“Had an amazing session with Dr. Heather Tucker. She helped me release negative energy filled with frustration and anger with forgiveness. Her intelligence and empathetic soul shines. My heart and mind are lighter and I am excited for the challenges ahead. I am grateful you came across my path. Thank you” – Diana N.

“About a month ago I sat down with Dr. Heather and worked thru a lot of little strings and attachments. Today I feel NOT so tied down and attached to those feelings and frustrations. Abundance is flowing and I have been enjoying the holiday season more then I have in years. Thank you for helping me to open myself for goodness. Thank you Dr. Heather for sharing your knowledge with me and helping me to let go of some past that I carried around regarding attracting abundance. Now I can go forward and enjoy my life without the regrets that I placed upon myself.” – Diane G.

“Thank you, Heather, for your amazing way of releasing grief and loss to replace the sadness with forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself was an important piece along with forgiving those that hurt me. It’s wonderful to feel whole again!” – Donna T.

“I had a breakthrough session with Heather that allowed me to release a lot of unnecessary energy and refocus on my path! She’s empathic, intelligent, and thoughtful. I recommend her to anyone that needs help in any aspect of their life!” – Monica L.

“Amazing, positive woman filled with great insights and good tools to help anyone make peace with the past, live in the present and embrace the journey to the future! She has been a terrific source of inspiration for me and has a great gift of wisdom, faith and healing that truly is a light to bring inner harmony based on goodness. A wonderful teacher in so many ways.” – Janice C.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr Heather for one highly impactful session. She was thorough, fast, effective and very supportive. As a coach I know how great it is to work with someone who is completely there for you….I really like her style. The impact was immediate and while on a video conf a colleague asked me what happened. I’m looking forward to seeing the long term effects. Thanks Dr. Heather!” – Jennell J.

“I’ve been in personal growth and spiritual teaching for the last 15 years and I recently had the honor to receive a Breakthrough session from Heather that was amazing. As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP myself it was so rewarding to work with such a high level coach. Thank you Heather.” – Michael T.

“I’ve tried it once and its done great things for me! I’d recommend this to everyone! Try it, I guarantee a positive change in your life.” – Gabriel B.